Saturday, March 21, 2015

2015年 March 21 周六。雨天: 美丽d一天 
And finally! the website is up! Its been a while coming, but now hopefully with more and more fine tuning, this will turn out to be my little digital home!

With links to my blogger, my instagram & twitter ..i shall slowly terrorise the digital world yet again! 

Today is a beautiful day..but i remember..
回首去年台湾之旅行,真的对不起老婆。没想到去旅行第二三天就病了,最后连累她也病了。我们虽然常去台湾 (至少三-4 次?)但那次去台中却是老婆特别想要探索的好地方。哎 一句话~惭愧啊!只好发上我把她拍的美美的照片!

#illustrations #2015illustrations 加油啊 ! MERRY!

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